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WHat we do:

Boot Scrap is creating social media ads, music videos, and documentaries for companies, artists, and nonprofits. Often times our clients know that video can help them take their project to the next level (more sales, bigger audience, or further awareness) but don’t know how or what that looks like. This is where we can help. Tell us what results you want to see and we will use the power of video storytelling to execute. 

And we do this all 'ASAP' -> As Sustainable As Possible. Meaning, we ensure your video doesn't create any unnecessary waste during production. Also, a piece of each project goes directly to funding local ecological projects.

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The Type of Work we do:

We tell stories, sustainably.


Tons of carbon offset


Pounds of trash picked up


$ raised and donated

Boot Scrap (büt skrap) n. - an ASAP ('As Sustainable As Possible')company based out of NC, creating content for companies, artists, nonprofits, and the planet.