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On the couch, that's us—the folks behind the scenes here at Boot Scrap, a Sustainable Story Lab.

Before Boot Scrap we experienced working on sets of all sizes, from modest homegrown projects to massive Hollywood productions. Across these experiences, we were particularly drawn to the more creatively thoughtful projects. The projects that prioritized intentional collaboration and considered their environmental and social impact. And in 2020 these thoughts inspired the creation of Boot Scrap.

Our Mission: Create high quality stories through digital media that resonate with audiences and make a positive impact by nurturing a culture of collaboration, positivity, and sustainability.

Now, you may be thinking: “Okay…cool…sure ‘Sustainable Story Lab’ and ‘Positive Impact’ all sounds great—but what does this actually mean in practice?” We mean:

For Clients: We build strong relationships with our clients through open communication and active engagement, ensuring we understand their stories and needs.

For Audiences: Our goal is to engage, educate, and inspire through compelling content that resonates with diverse audiences.

For The Planet: Our mantra is 'ASAP'—As Sustainable As Possible. The principles of being ASAP include Zero Waste Production, Renewable Energy Use, Eco-offsets, Local Sourcing, Community Engagement, and Education/Advocacy.

For Our Business: We aim to use our platform and commerce to drive positive change. To this end, 3% of every project's total budget is reinvested in our community, supporting local ecological initiatives like composting programs, solar panel installations, and methane collection from landfills.

So, grab a seat on the couch and let's make some magic.  

- The Boot Scrap Team

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