Waste Free

Wilmington Compost Company

Waste Free Wednesday

Wrote, Produced, Directed, Filmed, & Edited
Wilmington Compost Company
This the first project we made as a company! Since we were new, we wanted to create some pro bono videos to highlight organizations doing good things in Wilmington and to build our portfolio. So we extended this offer to Riley, the owner of the Wilmington Compost Company. And being the great guy that Riley is, he said that instead of making a video about his company, we should make a documentary about this program called 'Waste Free Wednesday'. We filmed this short doc over a couple weeks at a local elementary school. And we are actually still helping this program now two years later!
Who >
Wilmington Compost Company
What >
This short documentary, which was used in applications for grants to raise money for this program.
Why >
We wanted to build our portfolio and happy we could document this is an incredibly worthwhile endeavor.
Where >
Waste >
None! We documented and didn’t create any waste for this shoot.
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'Boot Scrap is top shelf. Not only are they stellar human beings, but consummate professionals that retain a collaborative creativity that will help you find and express your videographic vision. When you combine this with a social mission seeking sustainability, and healthy people, plants, and planet - why would you work with anyone else?' - Evan Folds, North Side Food Co-Op

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