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Ronny Bass

Skywatch Bird Rescue

Wrote, Produced, Directed, Filmed, & Edited
Ronny Bass
Ronny Bass, a sustainable clothing company, donates 10% of their profits to a different cause each month. When we told Ronny Bass about how the amazing Skywatch Bird Rescue would be a great cause in which to donate, they immediately got to work. We collaborated with them to create several videos and social shorts to introduce their customers to a couple of the birds at Skywatch - Leche, Romeo, and Vegas.
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What >
This project consisted of two Instagram reels and one main video (above) which was designed to be broken into three parts for shorter, social use.
Why >
This is an ideal project for us - A marketing campaign focusing on the good that your money is supporting. We were also happy we could facilitate a Ronny Bass project in Wilmington.
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We have filmed at Skywatch many times, so we had archival footage to work with. We drove to the sanctuary, about 10 miles each way, and bought carbon offsets for our pollution.
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