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Foxhound Flowers
Foxhound Flowers asked us to make a video showing the behind the scenes of their flower farm in Lillington, North Carolina. After hearing more about their story we pitched her the idea of 'Seed to Bouquet' - where we would come to the farm and capture the entire process. This involved planting seeds, growing the flowers, harvesting, creating the bouquets, and then delivering them to her clients in Wilmington. This was a two day shoot, and the crew even camped the night in the woods behind the farm.
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The main product we delivered was this two minute video (above) which is used on Foxhound Flower's website. We also delivered a one minute version and a 4:5 aspect ratio version to fit on their different social media platforms.
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Not only is the narrative arch of this video - going from seed to bouquet - engaging but it is also quite sustainable! Very little waste is involved with the Foxhound Flower business, and we jump at every chance we get to promote a sustainable company.
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We drove to Lillington, NC where this beautiful farm is located, so we had some carbon emissions - we bought carbon offsets to reduce our overall impact.
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