Hard Candy


LuckyUno - 'Hard Candy'

Wrote, Produced, Directed, Filmed, & Edited
Luckyuno hit us up and said he wanted a fun and wild video for his new song 'Hard Candy' and we took it from there. We filmed it all in one day at different locations throughout downtown Wilmington.
Who >
Raleigh Rapper, Luckyuno

What >
A music video to promote Luckyuno's new song on YouTube.
Why >
We have known Luckyuno for a while and his new song was just too catchy to say no. Also, he was down to make a pretty imaginative video.
Where >
All over Downtown, Wilmington
Waste >
Only a couple candy wrappers and the emissions from driving around town.
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'Working with Boot Scrap was an incredible experience. As an artist, I felt like the product I was trying to deliver was respected and enhanced by working with them. They worked with me from start to finish on creating a visual experience that perfectly captured what I saw in my head (not an easy task). They are the most honest, creative, and talented guys I’ve had the pleasure to work with. They made a seven hour shoot feel like a breeze and even put me on to a Torta so fire that it reminded me of the first time I heard Lauryn Hill sing.' - Lucky Uno, Raleigh Rapper

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